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Content comprises all the information on the Espaço Para Tudo website, including designs, brands, texts, logos, photographs, images, audio or video material, drawings, software and web design.
The intellectual property rights of all the content of the Espaço Para Tudo website belongs to the company Espaço Para Tudo, Lda, and are protected by national and international intellectual property protection, copyright and computer crime laws.
It is strictly forbidden to copy, display, change, reproduce, disseminate, transmit, distribute or use the content of this website, regardless of how or the reason for doing so, without obtaining express prior permission from Espaço Para Tudo.
Espaço Para Tudo, Lda is entitled to bring a judicial action against the perpetrators of any unauthorised copying, reproduction, dissemination or commercial exploitation or any other improper use of the website content, and does not accept responsibility for any improper use of the website by others.



The users of the Espaço Para Tudo website declare that they are fully aware of the characteristics, constraints, defects and limitations of the Internet, namely that the transmission of information and data through this means is dependent on the respective technical reliability. They also recognise that such conditions may disrupt or impede access during certain periods.
Therefore, the users realise that they run these inherent risks and that any website is subject to intromissions from unauthorised third parties and may be interrupted, and that the information that circulates on the Internet is not protected against possible viruses and that any person may create a link with access to the website or items contained therein.
Espaço Para Tudo, Lda and its managers or employees cannot be held responsible for voluntary or accidental damage incurred by users which may or may not be caused by third parties, within the scope of the services provided in this website or in other Internet locations that the users have accessed through this site.



Espaço Para Tudo, Lda is entitled to correct, change, interrupt, suspend or close the site when it deems it suitable to do so, without the need for advance warning and for the period it considers necessary for administrative, technical, force majeure reasons or others, and cannot be held responsible for this fact.
Espaço Para Tudo, Lda and its managers and employees cannot be held responsible for hyperlinks on its website to third party sites. These hyperlinks are provided merely for the accessibility and convenience of the users. Hence, Espaço Para Tudo and its managers and employees are not answerable for the content of sites owned by others. The users are solely responsible for accessing and visiting such sites.
The users of this site agree to defend and exempt Espaço Para Tudo, Lda and its managers and employees from any claim or lawsuit presented by third parties, and undertake to indemnify the company for damages, costs and expenses deriving or related to a breach of the Usage Terms by the user.



The Usage Terms are written and interpreted in accordance with Portuguese Law. The users accept the jurisdiction of the Portuguese courts to settle any disputes related to the Terms and Conditions or the use of the site.

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