Self storage units: what you need to know before renting one

Lack of storage space for keeping books, shelves, old bicycles from your children, your boat and all sorts of other things can become a real challenge at times. More often than not, however, there is always a hurdle or other that keeps you from finally wanting to declutter your home. If that is your case, renting a self storage unit can be an excellent solution to your problem.

But how and where can I find this extra space I’m so much in need of? In the following article we will give you some important tools for finding the best storage solution.


Renting a self storage unit: step-by-step guide toward finding the best solution

The self storage concept is based on the idea of renting out storage spaces, aka storage units, garages or boxes, that allow the customer to have individual and private access to his very own alarm-protected space. Upon check-in you will be provided with a set of keys and an alarm (de-)activation device.

Once you have leased your own unit, you are free to hand over your key(s) to whoever you want to authorize to access your storage unit. That choice is just totally up to you.

Whenever you decide to rent a storage unit, just keep in mind some relevant aspects that will help you find the best option for your requirements.

Just read through this 6-step-guide towards making the best decision:


Storage unit size

Before leasing a self storage unit, think of what type of equipment or belongings you want to store in there: will  it be books, furniture, electrical appliances, the Christmas decoration, your surfboard, your boat or an old car?

With this idea in mind, it will become easier to plan and find what unit size you may actually need and hence how much you will spend on the monthly rent.

Just try and use our Unit Size Calculator, it will give you a closer estimate of how big a unit you may actually need.

The idea behind the Unit Size Calculator is to roughly and quickly simulate your storage necessities and give you a first hint as to what unit size you may need. This will allow you to save both storage space and money on the monthly rent. No waste of money for a badly chosen oversized unit.


Flexibility in every aspect


Storage unit size

Find a self storage company that offers you a generous variety of rentable unit sizes. For some people, a simple locker or small 1sqm unit can be more than enough. For others, though, only a unit as big as 40sqm can seal the deal.

Swap storage units

Being offered the opportunity to swap units can be highly beneficial. As time goes by, your need for storage space can change. Hence, before signing your rental agreement, make sure that any swap to a smaller or bigger unit in the future can be done in the quickest, most practical and cost-effective manner possible.

Secure unit, safe belongings

Security is another essential aspect to consider. Ideally there should be a 24/7 surveillance or a CCTV monitoring system active throughout 365 days of the year and/or a central alarm system that is connected to a certified security company. In some cases you may even find a concierge service at the entrance of the facility premises, which of course, provides for added security and thus saves you from unnecessarily worrying about the safety of your belongings. 


Packing supplies and storage space organization

One very efficient way of optimizing your storage space and of best making use of the available unit height, is to keep your belongings on shelves. Store everything in a duly organized, accommodated and protective manner. Let us remind you that a good organization usually also means higher cost-efficiency; i.e. you can save money on the rent by the simple fact of not choosing an oversized unit. Therefore, make sure the self storage company you go to can provide you with packing supplies and shelves that are available either for rent or for sale.

Storage unit accessibility

Ideally, self storage facilities should grant you 24/7 access to your unit throughout 365 days of the year, because this will allow you to be flexible in your daily planning and to use your unit whenever you need to. With a good variety of in- and outdoor units to choose from, not to mention the very conveniently located parking spaces, flexibility is one among the greatest benefits of the self storage concept.


Privileged self storage facility locations 

If possible, search for a privileged and strategically well located self storage facility that grants you quick and easy access to your unit(s). Usually you will find those close to big cities.


How to lease your unit and check in?

If you need a quote, the easiest and most comfortable way to do so is online. Just fill in the contact form and we will be quick to answer and send it to you.

Espaço Para Tudo counts on a professional team of very experienced receptionists that are happy to welcome you at our facilities, to show you around and explain everything you need to know about our self storage service. Contact us and let us know when you wish to drop by and meet us in person.


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