Renting a storage unit: how to maximize the available storage space

If you decide to lease a storage unit, then learn how to most efficiently use the available space. There are self storage companies that also offer a variety of organizational items, such as shelves, cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, cardboard sheets and wardrobe boxes among others.

All these hacks will benefit you a lot, because they help you organize, store and preserve your belongings in the most efficient and space-saving manner.

This article will tell you more about our service:

  • Why leasing a storage unit is a practical solution?
  • How to maximize the available storage space?
  • Where in Lisbon or Oporto can I find self storage facilities?

Why leasing a storage unit or box is a practical solution?

There are all sorts of different life circumstances that can challenge us in terms of storage space. Therefore, if you are on the lookout for a space where you can store furniture, home-, leisure- or office equipment, electrical appliances, bigger items such as boats, motorbikes or cars, you are now on the right page:

When the lack of storage room becomes a challenge, the ideal solution may be leasing an in- or outdoor storage unit.

Among the many advantages of renting a storage unit, we would like to highlight at least some:

  • Different unit sizes, just according to your needs;
  • You can store practically any type of items in there;
  • Most storage units are accessible 24/7;
  • CCTV monitoring service and connection to a central alarm network.

How to maximize the available storage space?

By efficiently organizing your storage unit you can facilitate future and quick access to your belongings:

Some of the storage and packing supplies will for sure help you better organize your unit. If you store everything in a practical manner, this will help you to not only save space, but also money on your monthly rent. Usually a well thought-through and orderly storage strategy is all you need in order to maximize the use of a smaller unit.

When looking for a self storage facility, make sure they offer additional packing and storage supplies.

Double cardboard boxes:

Our double cardboard boxes, usually available in 3 different sizes, will allow you to store your belongings in an orderly manner and thus to facilitate your future access to everything.

Very resistant and easy to fold, our boxes are available in different sizes and thus ideal for keeping items of different sizes. They are meant for keeping books, paperwork, sales products, toys, clothes, office equipment and many other things. 

Thanks to the double-layered and resistant cardboard material, you can even store heavier objects in them. As long as you don’t overload them, all is safe and protected against damage.

Wardrobe boxes:

If your closet runs out of storage capacity, we can help you out with our wardrobe boxes which allow you to very orderly keep and store your ironed shirts, suits, jackets and pullovers among others.


Another way of efficiently organizing your unit is to use our metal shelves. Aside from being resistant and practical, they will help you make better use of the available unit height.

By using shelves, you can better profit from the height of your storage unit and structure your space in a significantly more orderly and space-saving manner.

Bubble wrap plastic sheet:

In order to conveniently accommodate all your belongings, especially the more fragile items, such as glass, tiles, kitchenware and porcelain, we recommend you to use bubble wrap plastic that will cushion and hence protect your things from breaking.

Bubble wrap is actually very popular when it comes to packing and protecting artwork from humidity.

Cardboard sheet:

Using a cardboard sheet is another very helpful way of protecting your stored items. Resistant and easy to fold, it can serve to separate fragile items and protect them from breaking. The cardboard sheet is very popular when it comes to storing wine bottles or other alcoholic drinks, since, besides preventing the glass from breaking, it also preserves the quality of the bottles’ contents.

And last but not least, before storing your boxes in the hidden corners of your storage unit, finish and seal your packing job with a strong adhesive tape.

Where in Lisbon or Oporto can I find self storage facilities?

Espaço Para Tudo currently disposes of 7 very strategically located self storage facilities

If you are looking for a facility in Lisbon and surroundings, you can choose between the following locations:

  • Rio de Mouro, on the way from Lisbon to Sintra and next to Tabaqueira;
  • Venda Nova, next to Portas de Benfica;
  • Marvila, close to Parque das Nações;
  • São Domingos de Rana, next to BurgerKing Abóboda;
  • Estoril, behind the Cascaishopping;
  • Cascais, very close to Caetano Baviera and Makro Alcabideche.

Yet, if you are searching for a self storage facility in Oporto, the best option will be our site in Matosinhos, right next to Escola Industrial Gonçalves Zarco.

Disposing of a whole variety of storage unit sizes, adaptable to the different needs of our customers, we also offer an individual per unit alarm in order to keep your belongings safe. Both the variety in sizes as well as the duration of your rental agreement allow you for maximum flexibility.

If you are interested in leasing a storage unit, you are more than welcome to contact and visit us in order to get all the information you need. Our staff will be happy to clarify any doubts you may have.

Come and visit our self storage units and facilities.


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