What’s the best place to store my furniture and belongings?

Having your own storage room that is just big enough to stuff in all your belongings is not always possible. Lack of space is a problem that many people have to deal with. Commonly and best known as self storage, our service consists in renting out small to midsize storage units where you can keep your furniture or other belongings in safety.

In a very simple and quick way, our self storage service allows you to solve any issues related to lack of space. This concept of short- to long term rentals of storage units can turn out to become a great trouble shooter for any private or business client, and the benefits you reap go way beyond a simple storage solution. Learn more about it now:

The advantages of the self storage service

As years go by, it becomes more than evident that the list of items we keep at home won’t stop growing. Yet, at some point in time, we feel we need to declutter our homes or offices in order to free up some space so we can feel comfortable again.

Leasing a storage space where you can stuff in just anything that has become redundant at home or at work can turn out to be a very practical short to long term solution.
There are many different situations where a good organization makes your life so much easier; one such case could be moving home, doing remodeling or construction works, or even planning to travel for a longer period of time and renting out your house or apartment.

The rental procedure couldn’t be any easier; and in order to lift some weight from your shoulders, we offer different types of payment methods.

How to spot a safe location for storing your belongings?

24/7 Accessibility

Spotting a self storage facility where you can access your unit 24/7, including on weekends and holidays, is definitely a top feature to look for. By choosing one such place, you will be granted total freedom and flexibility in your daily planning.
Should you have any doubts about how self storage works and what storage unit would be more adequate to your needs, you are more than welcome to drop by, visit our facilities and compare the different available unit sizes with your own eyes. Keep in mind that the monthly rent varies according to the unit size; yet - the bigger your unit the lower the price per square meter becomes.

Easy parking

As you choose the most appropriate self storage facility, watch out for easy parking either outdoors right next to your unit or indoors. Some companies will even offer you the added comfort of (un-)loading and transport aids, such as shopping  carts, bigger carts for furniture and pallet trucks. That will make (un-) loading your storage unit so much quicker and more comfortable    

Safety matters

Make sure the self storage facility you chose is equipped with a security system. A 24/7 CCTV monitoring service throughout the year is definitely a feature to look out for. 

Additional security can be provided either by a concierge service at the park entrance or by the facility’s connection to a central alarm network. This will allow us to detect any unauthorized guest or intruder right from the get-go. 

At Espaço Para Tudo, for instance, and right upon check-in you will be given a set of keys plus an alarm (de-)activation device. Every unit is a private space equipped with an individual intruder-alarm.

Maintenance and Cleaning

It is important that your belongings be well protected and kept away from unwelcome guests, such as from small animals. For this reason, we subscribe to regular pest prevention and control schemes in all of our self storage facilities. 

Unit size variety and flexibility

This is another essential feature to look for. Choose a facility where you have different unit sizes available.

At Espaço Para Tudo we always have our clients’ needs in mind; therefore, we like to offer a wide variety of storage unit sizes that go up to 40sqm and a regular height of 2.80m. Some of our facilities also have 1cbm sized lockers where you can store smaller items. 

Whenever you want, feel free to try out our unit size calculator in order to get a closer estimate of how big a unit size you may need.

Facilities at strategic locations

Last but not least, make sure you choose the most conveniently located self storage facility and unit. 
Espaço Para Tudo offers you a variety of very strategically and conveniently located facilities in both Lisbon and Oporto:

  • Rio de Mouro, on the way from Lisbon to Sintra and next to Tabaqueira;
  • Venda Nova, right next to Portas de Benfica;
  • Marvila, very close to Parque das Nações;
  • São Domingos de Rana, right next to BurgerKing in Abóboda;
  • Estoril, just behind Cascaishopping;
  • Cascais, very close to Caetano Baviera and Makro Alcabideche.


In Oporto you will find us right opposite to Escola Industrial Gonçalves Zarco.


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