Self Storage

Security, flexibility and 24/7 accessibility. At Espaço Para Tudo you will no longer lack storage room, since our units are designed to be an extension to your home or your business. Our key goal will always be to simplify your day-to-day life.

Come and visit our self storage facilities

Add more space to your home or business by leasing a storage unit. Besides entertaining facilities in several locations, we offer a large variety of unit sizes which are designed to fit our customers’ different needs.

Save some extra space by renting out one of our units. Aside from a 24/7 CCTV monitoring system, you will benefit from unlimited access to your storage unit be it on weekends or on holidays. Set up for short- to long-term stays, our rental agreements allow our customers for maximum flexibility. 

The advantages of self storage:

The main purpose and advantage of self storage is to solve lack-of-space issues. However, besides offering you more space, there are many more benefits that people often tend to forget about.

By leasing a self storage unit, not only will you be able to optimize organization and access to your things, you will also be sure that they are in a protected and secure place.

No matter what size you are looking for, we at Espaço Para Tudo are sure we will find the best fit for you. By leasing a storage space you will automatically provide for a better organization at home and for better logistics and higher efficiency in your business.

Comfort, hygiene and cleanliness, accessibility and security for a perfectly balanced cost-benefit price relation. Be it furniture, paperwork, archives, bicycles, surf boards, machinery, sales product and merchandise, tools, summer or winter clothes: find your extra space at Espaço Para Tudo!





Private clients

The purpose of self storage is to provide you with the possibility to store objects and items that you don’t need at home. This will make organization at home significantly easier and hence raise quality in your day-to-day life.

Whatever equipment you use either for work or leisure time might occupy a little too much space at home. If so, why not lease a storage unit and put all bulk items, such as bicycles, surf boards or other belongings, in there ? One is for sure: you will be able to access your things whenever you need.

Aside from that, self storage facilities provide for more security: should you leave the country for longer periods, be it for traveling around the world or working abroad for a year or more, you can be sure all your belongings are in a safe place.

See how self storage can add quality to private customers’ every-day-life:

  • Organization: Get your home organized faster and more easily and add more quality to your life.
  • Practicality: Access your belongings whenever you want and need to.
  • Privacy: keep your belongings away from curious looks - rather store them in a private and secure place.
  • Economize: gain some extra space and lease a unit for more than just a competitive price.

Why choose Espaço Para Tudo?

We are specialized in the short to long-term rental of storage units. It is our aim to find the most suitable solution for your storage needs and to offer this service for a competitive price.

Our storage units are meant to free up space either at your home or business while offering the maximum possible comfort to private, and highest efficiency to business clients.

Our self storage service is in the constant pursuit of excellence: And for this reason, we count on high-standard infrastructures as well as on experienced and devoted professionals whose objective is none other but to satisfy your storage needs.

Storage locations

In order to meet the needs of private and business customers, Espaço Para Tudo has storages available in strategic locations in Greater Lisbon and Porto.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Self Storage

What is self storage all about?

Self storage is a short- to long-term rental service of storage units. Differing in sizes, these units are meant for both private and business customers who need additional space for storing their belongings.

It can be rented out temporarily - for when you are moving to another home, for instance - or for longer periods of time.  

Se representa uma empresa, com este serviço vai poder otimizar a sua gestão de stock, reduzindo custos com a logística e com pessoal.

Espaço Para Tudo’s tenants can access their units 365 days a year. Equipped with a 24/7 CCTV system, it monitores our facilities and protects your belongings non-stop. Only tenants or otherwise authorized people will be able to enter and enter their unit at any time of the day.

Our rental agreements allow for great flexibility, being thus easily adaptable to everyone’s different needs. We guarantee high-quality storage standards for the most competitive prices.

What are the key standards of a good self storage service?

In order to make sure you are being provided with a high-quality storage service, consider the following 6 key points:

  • Proximity of the self storage facility either to your home or business. Aside from that, consider shorter travel times and easy accessibility.
  • 24/7 high security protection of your belongings 
  • Adequate climate and storing conditions that provide your belongings, be it old furniture or artwork, with a good temperature and a low humidity level.
  • 365-day and 24/7 accessibility of your storage unit - access your unit at any time of the day, no matter if during the week or on weekends.
  • Assistance by our staff Our team, also on site on Saturday mornings, will help you with managing any storage issues you might have.
  • A high variety of unit sizes will offer you the opportunity to either down- or upsize the storage unit according to the room you need now or in the future.

Can I just drop by and visit your facilities before renting a storage unit?

Of course you can, and we actually recommend you to do so! Visiting our facilities will help you not only with getting a better notion of the different storage sizes; it will also offer you the opportunity to know our facilities and the overall conditions of our self storage service much better.

Give as a short phone call or fill in the contact form on our website indicating very roughly which of the self storage facilities and approximately what unit size(s) you are interested in. You will be able to choose among the following facilities

Self Storage in Lisbon (and surroundings)

Self Storage in Oporto

What different unit sizes do you have available and what can I store in there?

Self storage unit sizes can range from 1 to 40sqm, with size variety depending on the facility you choose. At our sites in Estoril or Marvila, for instance, you can even lease 1cbm big lockers. Our storage spaces can be used for multiple things and purposes. As a business client you may use them for your sales products; as a private client you can keep all kinds of belongings in there, such as furniture, leisure equipment, clothes, decoration items and whatever else you can think of in order to declutter your home. Just try out our unit size calculator in order to get a more approximate estimate of how much storage room you may actually need.

Are the storage units allocated randomly or can I choose one specific unit myself?

As long as there are enough units of the desired size available, you are more than welcome to choose the exact location of your unit. In any case, we have more than just one self storage facility in Lisbon; in addition to that we also have one in Oporto.

Do your self storage units have power outlets or electric installation?

We only install electric power in the units upon client request.If you wish one, we’ll be happy to order its installation. In this case we will proceed with a regular monthly reading and charge your consumption every month accordingly.

Could I also put a fridge or a freezer and make sure they keep functioning 24/7?

Yes, you can also install a fridge or freezer in your storage unit. If that is your case, please be so kind and let us know in advance, just in order for us to make sure that the type, quantity of outlets and power of the electric installation is adequate for your specific needs.

What causes the price difference of your storage units?

The monthly rental price varies according to the size of the storage units. The good news is that the bigger the size the cheaper the price per square meter becomes.

Can I lease a storage unit for just one month?

The minimum length of our rental agreements is indeed one calendar month. From then on you are free to either leave or stay until whenever you need to.

Will the monthly rent suffer any price increase throughout the duration of the rental agreement?

The monthly rental price will always stay the same throughout the entire length of your rental agreement.

What payment methods do you accept at Espaço Para Tudo?

Espaço Para Tudo accepts the following payment methods: MBWay, Multibanco, wire transfer or cash.

What documents are required for signing a self storage rental agreement?

Depending on whether you are a private or a business customer, the documents required differ a little bit. As a private client it is enough to bring along either your passport or ID plus a document stating your place of residency in Portugal. As a business client, however, you will be asked to present the following documents: an updated commercial registry extract of your company or equivalent document as well as the IDs of the CEOs whose signatures are mandatory. 

How is the cleaning at your self storage facilities done?

Our storage units are always rented out in a clean and hygienic state. Aside from the daily cleaning in the common areas, Espaço Para Tudo subcontracts certified companies that are specialized in pest prevention and control as far as rodents and insects are concerned. However, additional disinfection measures can be taken whenever we find it necessary.

Is it mandatory to take out insurance for the contents of my storage unit?

It is not mandatory to take out an insurance for your storage contents. Yet, should you prefer to have one, you take it out for a monthly premium ranging from 5€ for each 5,000Euros worth of insured capital, up to a maximum of 35€ worth of 35,000€ of insured capital. We highly recommend you to take out our multirisk storage content insurance, since Espaço Para Tudo cannot be held accountable for any damage suffered.

Are there any items we are not allowed to store in our unit?

For reasons that are linked to the general safety of our facilities as well as to its hygiene, it  is expressly forbidden to store inflammable and explosive items as well as unpacked food or biodegradable products.

How do you provide security at your self storage facilities?

All our storage units are equipped with an individual anti-burglar alarm. Once you have leased yours, you will be given a set of keys and an alarm (de-)activation device in order to enter your unit. Our second security measure is our 24/7 CCTV monitoring system that supervises only the common areas and which is connected to a central alarm network. In addition to that, yet only at our facilities in Rio de Mouro and Venda Nova, you will find a concierge service at the entrance of the park.

Do I need to leave a copy of my keys with Espaço Para Tudo

Unless you wish us to do so, Espaço Para Tudo never keeps any copy of customer keys.

How and when can I access my storage unit?

Once you have leased your storage unit, you will be given a set of three keys which you can leave with whoever you trust in. With the keys in your hand you will be able to enter your unit whenever you feel like, be it during the week or the weekend or even during holidays and festive seasons of the year; simply 24/07 with no time restrictions whatsoever.

Can I park my car right next to my storage unit?

All our facilities offer customer parking spaces, them being usually outdoors. If you leased an outdoor unit, you are free to park your car right in front of it. If your storage space however is indoors, you can park your car in the parking spaces indoors or very next to the entrance of the building. In either case you are invited to use our transport carts or pallet trucks, which are meant to help you with (un-)loading your car, for free.

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