Looking for a storage space but unsure about what size to choose? Try out our calculator and get an idea of how big a unit you may need.

Unit Size Calculator

We developed this tool in order to help you with finding the ideal storage unit size. This is a quick way to estimate how much storage room you may need according to the volume and type of your belongings, the size of your home and other factors playing a role in the calculation.

Housing typology  Housing typology

File folders (units) File folders (units)

Boxes (unit)  Boxes (unit)

Containers (20 ft) Containers (20 ft)

Small Commercial Vehicle  Small Commercial Vehicle

Medium Commercial Vehicle  Medium Commercial Vehicle

Large Commercial Vehicle  Large Commercial Vehicle






The ideal size for you:

4 - 6 sqm or 10,8 - 16,2 cbm

Dimensions Guide

Keep our Dimensions Guide with you to get a more realistic estimate of the space you need. If you prefer, you can visit the Armazém da Espaço Para Tudo closer to you to find the box tailored to your needs, with the support of our employees.

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Facility locations

With the aim of meeting both our private and corporate business clients’ needs, Espaço Para Tudo has placed its self storage facilities in strategic places in Oporto and Lisbon.

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