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At the very heart of Marvila you will find the best self storage solutions for private and business clients. Find out what we have to offer.

Get to know our storage facilities in Marvila

Count on free indoor parking for your car as well as on sufficient indoor (un-)loading space.
Store your belongings in indoor units and feel comfortable in our daily cleaned facilities. Equipped with a 24h CCTV monitoring system, the protection of your goods becomes our priority.

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Lisboa - Next to Parque das Nações
Rua da Tabaqueira, Lote A,
Armazém A2, Marvila,
1950-256 Lisboa

(+351) 218 680 724/25 (Call to national fixed network)
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About our Lisbon self storage facilities, in Marvila

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Other Storage Unit Locations

Discover other storage units that we have available

Rio de Mouro

  • Unit sizes ranging from 3 to 23 sqm
  • Parking spaces
  • In-and outdoor units
  • Concierge and security
  • Daily cleaning
  • Individual alarms
  • CCTV system

Venda Nova

  • Unit sizes ranging from 2 to 42sqm
  • Parking spaces
  • Indoor storage units
  • Meeting room
  • Daily cleaning
  • Concierge Service
  • Reception of postal packages on behalf of our clients


  • Unit sizes ranging from 1 to 40sqm
  • Parking spaces
  • Individual alarms
  • Daily cleaning
  • 24h CCTV monitoring
  • Fire detection and protection system
  • loading dock


  • Unit sizes ranging from 1cbm to 34sqm
  • Parking spaces
  • Receipt of goods
  • 24 hour image recording
  • In-and outdoor storage units
  • Daily cleaning
  • Alarm system


  • Unit sizes ranging from 2 to 22sqm
  • Parking spaces
  • 24 hour image recording
  • Daily cleaning
  • Indoor units
  • Fire detection and protection system
  • Reception of postal packages on behalf of our clients

São Domingos de Rana

  • Unit sizes ranging from 2 to 25sqm
  • Roof-covered (un-)loading area
  • Parking spaces
  • Indoor units
  • 24h CCTV monitoring
  • Daily cleaning
  • Individual alarms



FAQs about our storage units in Marvila

What storage sizes do you have available and what does actually fit into them?

The sizes of our storage units vary between 1 and 40sqm and have a regular height of 2.80m. At our Marvila facility we also have 1cbm lockers for your smaller belongings. Depending on the size you choose, you can store either furniture or other items. You will find space for practically everything and anything at Espaço Para Tudo!

What causes the price differences in Marvila ?

The rental prices of our storage units vary according to their size. The good news is that the bigger the unit you choose, the cheaper the square meter becomes.

Ask for a free quote and soon you will know the rental price of the desired unit size.

How about security at our Marvila self storage facility?

All of our storage units, regardless of them being in- or outdoor, are equipped with an individual burglary-alarm.Upon arrival or departure from our facilities, each customer can activate or deactivate his own alarm. Aside from that, in Marvila you will find 24/7 CCTV monitoring in the common areas as well as a mandatory fire detection and protection system.

Do I access my storage unit with a key or a code ?

Our storage units are accessible with a key + an alarm (de-)activation device.

Could I just visit your facilities in order to know how everything works?

Of course you can! You are more than welcome to drop by in order to see our facilities and compare units of different sizes. Our team will help you with finding the most suitable storage space and explain to you how everything works.

What if the unit I chose turns out to be too small?

Depending on the current availability of our storage units, you can either change to a bigger unit or temporarily rent a second one. Our team on site will always try to show you different alternatives and offer you the most practical solution.

How do we proceed in the event of pest and/or contamination?

Espaço Para Tudo works in close partnership with certified pest prevention and control companies. Aside from our regular disinfection schemes, we can take extra measures and order additional services at any time we need

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