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The best self storage units in Cascais can certainly be found at Espaço Para Tudo near the BMW car stand “Caetano Baviera” and Makro Alcabideche.

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Have you leased a unit yet? If so, it’s yours. Our storage spaces are very convenient to both business and private clients who are on the lookout for practicality and flexibility. At Espaço Para Tudo we prioritize security and discretion.

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Lisboa - Next to Caetano Baviera and Makro Alcabideche
Rua do Papagaio 22
2645-140 Alcabideche

(+351) 211 622 703 (Call to national fixed network)
(+351) 915 289 990 (Call to national mobile network)


About our self storage facilities in Cascais

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Other Storage Unit Locations

Discover other storage units that we have available


  • Unit sizes ranging from 1cbm to 40sqm
  • Parking spaces
  • Indoor units
  • Daily cleaning
  • Alarm system
  • 24h CCTV monitoring
  • Reception of postal packages on behalf of our clients

Rio de Mouro

  • Unit sizes ranging from 3 to 23 sqm
  • Parking spaces
  • In-and outdoor units
  • Concierge and security
  • Daily cleaning
  • Individual alarms
  • CCTV system

Venda Nova

  • Unit sizes ranging from 2 to 42sqm
  • Parking spaces
  • Indoor storage units
  • Meeting room
  • Daily cleaning
  • Concierge Service
  • Reception of postal packages on behalf of our clients


  • Unit sizes ranging from 1cbm to 34sqm
  • Parking spaces
  • Receipt of goods
  • 24 hour image recording
  • In-and outdoor storage units
  • Daily cleaning
  • Alarm system


  • Unit sizes ranging from 2 to 22sqm
  • Parking spaces
  • 24 hour image recording
  • Daily cleaning
  • Indoor units
  • Fire detection and protection system
  • Reception of postal packages on behalf of our clients

São Domingos de Rana

  • Unit sizes ranging from 2 to 25sqm
  • Roof-covered (un-)loading area
  • Parking spaces
  • Indoor units
  • 24h CCTV monitoring
  • Daily cleaning
  • Individual alarms



FAQs about our self storage facilities in Cascais

What unit sizes do you have available in Cascais?

In Cascais, unit sizes range from 1 to 40sqm. Regular height is 2.80m. Here you can store a whole variety of things, be it furniture, merchandise, office archive, tools or other private stuff such as your Christmas tree. Just try and use our unit size calculator in order to get a closer estimate of how big a unit you may need.

How secure are your storage units in Cascais?

All of our storage units, regardless of them being in- or outdoors, are equipped with an alarm whose (de-)activation occurs upon arrival and departure of each customer individually. Aside from that, our facilities in Cascais are connected with a central security network as well as equipped with 24/7 CCTV monitoring in the common areas.

What makes the value of renting a storage in Cascais vary?

The value of renting a storage in Cascais varies according to its size. The larger the warehouse, the cheaper the overall monthly fee.

Ask for your free quote and find out the price of storages in Cascais.

When can I access my storage unit in Cascais?

All our facilities allow for 24/7-access to your unit, and that includes Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Can I just drop by and visit your Cascais facility?

Yes, you can and we actually recommend you to do so! One of our staff members will show you around the facility and our self storage units in order to offer you a closer look at how everything works. During your guided visit you are welcome to ask any question or clarify any doubts you have. Drop by during office hours and we will be happy to help you.

What if I need a bigger unit than I thought?

Depending on the current availability of our storage units, you can either change to a bigger unit or temporarily rent a second one. Our team on site will always try to show you different alternatives and offer you the most practical solution.

What about unwelcome guests like small animals, rodents or insects?

Espaço Para Tudo works in close partnership with certified pest prevention and control companies. Aside from our regular disinfection scheme, we can take extra measures and order additional services at any time we need.

Is electric power consumption included in the rental price?

Only the clients who requested electric power installation in their unit will be charged accordingly every month. For this purpose every such unit has its own energy meter from where we do the monthly consumption reading.

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