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Who we are

Espaço Para Tudo is the solution to all your space management problems.


Quem Somos

We started out here in Portugal in July 1998, with what was a revolutionary and pioneering concept at that time in our country. The excellence of the “Self-Storage” idea and the quality of this provision meant that our company was able to grow and improve, day by day, in line with the requirements of the people who really matter: Espaço Para Tudo´s clients.

Always remaining focussed on how to satisfy our customers, we currently offer solutions to your problems concerning lack of space in 4 Industrial Parks in Greater Lisbon (Alcoitão, Rio de Mouro/Venda Nova, Cabra Figa and Abóboda-São Domingos de Rana) and in 2008 we expanded our installations to offer more space in Porto (Matosinhos).

With individual units available, from as small as 2m2 and as large as 36m2, the security of your storage space is guaranteed through several different types of safety features, none of which is neglected or dispensed with. Your satisfaction is our top priority and that is why we want our space to become YOUR space, safe and perfect for your needs.

Our team is happy to welcome you to our facilities and to show you what we have built with your needs in mind. We will help you find solutions which are tailored to your specific requirements.

Advantages of Espaço para tudo


Speed - Quality, promptness and friendliness

With a network of experienced and professional staff, service is customised to your needs and solves your problems regarding space quickly and easily.


Facilidade de arrendamento

Ease of renting - Easy and fair

The storage units can be rented for as long as you wish, from a minimum of one month and with automatic renewal of the contract. If you decide that you wish to cancel the contract before the end of the month, you just have to let a member of staff know fifteen days in advance, and you can just pay the amount for the time the unit has been used.



Flexibility - You just pay for the amount of space you use

You can move from one unit to another at the end of the contract or by giving 15 days’ notice, depending on the amount of space you need at any time, without incurring any additional costs (subject only to the availability of the size of unit needed).



Safety - Well-guarded, safely under lock and key

Gated industrial parks | CCTV (access to the facilities filmed with CCTV 24 hours a day, 365 days a year | Staff at reception (Venda Nova and Rio de Mouro) | Permanently linked to the security company´s Burglar Alarm Centre (Alcoitão/Estoril and Matosinhos) | Set of keys for individual, exclusive use | Individual Burglar Alarms | Fire and Smoke Alarms (National Fire-fighter System | Multiple-Risk Contents Insurance (optional)



Accessibility - Easy access, at times that suit you best

Four storage facilities at prime sites in Lisbon and Porto. Access to 95% of the exterior and/or interior units 24 hours a day, all-year round. Opening hours for access to the interior storage units at Alcoitão limited to: Monday to Friday 9am-6pm and Saturdays 10am-1pm.

Espaço Para Tudo Clients

Private Clients

We have storage units which can help you solve the problem of a lack of space in your home. Espaço Para Tudo can be an extension to your normal storeroom, garage or office, where you can safely keep whatever you like for as long as you wish.

Use our Space Calculator to get an idea of how much space you lack at home. If today that is 8m2 and tomorrow 6m2, don’t worry: you can easily make that change, altering the size of the space you rent to suit your changing needs.

What you need to become an Espaço Para Tudo Client:

  • ID Card and taxpayer number (NIF);
  • Address and contact numbers/e mail addresses.

Business Clients

Espaço Para Tudo is the best ally you can possibly have to help with your company’s logistical management, because we know that it is not easy storing the last few years’ stock and archives. We are the solution to your space management problems.

What you need to become an Espaço Para Tudo client:

  • Copy of your company’s Permanent Business Certificate or Access Code;
  • ID Cards and the taxpayer numbers (NIFs) of the company’s representatives;
  • Telephone and e-mail contact details.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01. How can I calculate how much space I will need?

    There is a Simulator on our website which will help you to get an initial idea of how much space you will need. Nevertheless, we Read More
  • 02. What kind of things can I store in the Espaço Para Tudo units?

    The storage units belonging to Espaço Para Tudo are suitable for anything that you do not have room to keep at home, at the office, Read More
  • 03. Does Espaço Para Tudo, Lda provide transport services?

    Espaço Para Tudo only rents out storage units and does not provide any kind of transport. We can, however, recommend trustworthy transport companies and give Read More
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Customer Voices

  • "Very safe"
    João Pedro P. Galoão
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