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Small storage units

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Self-Storage is the name given to the short-term rental of space, in the form of small or medium-sized storage units, as part of a safe, individual and high quality service. The rental contract is tailored to your individual needs, both in terms of size and length of time required.

The unit rented is for your own private use, with your own burglar alarm, where you can safely keep any belongings you wish to store. On signing the rental contract for your storage unit, you will be given a brand-new key, thus guaranteeing your exclusive access and the safety of your belongings. The only people who will have access to your storage unit are those who have previously been authorised.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01. How can I calculate how much space I will need?

    There is a Simulator on our website which will help you to get an initial idea of how much space you will need. Nevertheless, we Read More
  • 02. What kind of things can I store in the Espaço Para Tudo units?

    The storage units belonging to Espaço Para Tudo are suitable for anything that you do not have room to keep at home, at the office, Read More
  • 03. Does Espaço Para Tudo, Lda provide transport services?

    Espaço Para Tudo only rents out storage units and does not provide any kind of transport. We can, however, recommend trustworthy transport companies and give Read More
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Customer Voices

  • "Very safe"
    João Pedro P. Galoão
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